Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremonies

What a glamorous, rewarding and fulfilling way to end the session! Our grades 6 completed their primary education successfully and were grandiosely celebrated on 13th July, 2016. The ceremony was no doubt a memorable one as the graduates of Class 2016 expressed with great joy the marvelous moments and experiences they had in this our great citadel of learning.

How time flies! It seems like yesterday when our Discoverers started school. Now they have graduated to the Primary school with a solid foundation ready to achieve the best in their next level of academic quest. The handover   from the Head, Nursery to the head, Primary was just captivating.

Also, children who performed excellently (academically and otherwise) were rewarded for their hard work all through the session.

We congratulate and wish the graduates of Class 2016 the best in their academics and life pursuits.

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