5 years - 11 years

As a school committed to achieving excellence, it will be our delight to be given the opportunity to partner with your family, nurturing your child through an excellent childhood educational foundation.  It is always our joy to see children develop right.

We are a co-educational school open to children from different cultures, religions, nationalities and ethnicities because at Taadel, every child counts; every child matters!  That is why we give opportunities to all children.

Our Offer

Taadel Education offers a unique and solid foundation to children, discovering their innate talents and potential. In addition, equipping them with profound life skills (ie: leadership, logical reasoning, emotional intelligence, problem solving, self-confidence and communication), which will give them edge in life pursuits as global citizens of the 21st century. Also, moral and spiritual uprightness, self-actualization are imbibed in the children through constructive engagements with themselves and their environments. That is the beauty of Taadel Education!

Our Success over the years is grounded on professionalism, excellent teamwork, cognitive, social and moral activities,  through effective school – home collaboration and parental engagement.

Our Curriculum

The Primary Curriculum is a careful blend of the British National Curriculum and the strengths of the Nigerian Curriculum.

Our teaching and learning methodology in the classroom incorporates the 4Cs of 21st

century learning skills (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical thinking) This ensures that knowledge and skills are built

systematically and consistently to support transition from one key stage to another. Outdoor learning is also an integral part of our curriculum; hence pupils embark on field trips to further concretize learning in the classroom.  Our final products therefore, are well equipped and ready to conquer the world as leaders.

Our Extra Curricular Activities

Studying in TAADEL is not all work and no play as fun is guaranteed, in the true spirit of exploration with discipline!

That is why physical, emotional, creative and intellectual development of children is the hallmark of TAADEL EDUCATION. We believe in raising holistic and well-balanced children. At TAADEL, pupils are given the opportunity to register and participate actively in Sports, Extra and Co-curricular Activities such as Football, Taekwondo, Swimming, Music, Dynamic Readers, Literary & Debate, Chess & Scrabble Club, Cub Scout, Ballet, Home Makers and other team based activities. Our stimulating environment awaits your child’s exploration.