Special Education Needs

Every child has the potential to develop and excel if given the right environment under the guidance and supervision of qualified Practitioners. In TAADEL, we identify with the uniqueness of each child. And so, we have in place a unit that caters for children with Special Educational Needs, i.e. children that are either struggling to meet up with their peers in class or gifted children.

Children with learning difficulties are specially attended to, through early intervention and deployment of special aids in support of their learning development and growth. While gifted learners are further challenged with higher order activities, to occupy and bring out the best in them.

These children are also helped with a comfortable transition into the general classroom setting.

After School Programme

School activities end by 3:00pm. However, parents, especially those with unpredictable or busy schedules, have the option of registering their child(ren) or wards for the After-School Programme, which closes at 6:00pm. The After School Programme provides a very conducive environment for the children to relax, unwind and learn under the supportive guidance of caring and qualified educators.

School Meal

As a caring institution committed to the total well being of our children, the school runs a cafeteria that caters for the daily nutritional needs of our children. Our menu list is child friendly, balanced, served hot and fresh, and under hygienic condition thereby making TAADEL“home away from home”.

School Bus Service

The unit serves pupils from different locations within the school’s core catchment areas. It has capacity to further extend to new places on demand and specified conditions. The buses are very functional, neat, air-conditioned and handled by experienced and careful drivers with courteous and vigilant chaperons attached.