Our Staff and Structure

Taadel Private School has a Board of Directors, who oversee the strategic management of the school and a Board of Trustees who ensure that the purpose and mission of the school is continually sustained. The School Administrator, as the Chief Executive heads the EXCO team, Leadership Team and Management Committee. This structure ensures policies are well formulated, supervised and executed as at when due for smooth daily operations.

Ours is a family relationship in line with our policy of building positive relationships. All members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) work closely together in harmony, with respect and love as a cohesive team creating the conducive environment needed for continuous learning.

We constantly improve on our standards in our pursuit of excellence through regular trainings and exposure of our EYFS Practitioners and Facilitators (teachers), locally and globally. These regular trainings bring them abreast with contemporary methodologies and technology to equip them, in other to adequately fulfil the task of preparing our children for future leadership roles.

The school has had a very stable and well established management and academic team with most of the pioneer staff still working happily, pursuing their professional careers in the services of the school.

The Leadership Team

The leadership team headed by the School Administrator is the managing authority of the school that manages the day to day operations of the school:

Mrs. Ayodele Oyekanmi

School Administrator

Ayodele  Oyekanmi is an educationist with over 20 years experience. She started her career as a qualified nurse in 1983.During her experience as a nurse, she realized she had a special passion for children and wanted to directly impact them beyond the hospital environment. This passion gave birth to the Taadel vision. In 1986, she went back to school to learn and acquire the right skills and education needed to fulfil her vision at the University of Lagos (“UNILAG”), where she completed a B.Ed. in Biology and subsequently bagged a M.Sc. in Guidance and Counselling. Her passion for working with children and their development encouraged her to continue to acquire professional qualifications such as a Diploma in Montessori Education, Diploma in Early Years Foundation Stage, and other educational trainings in the United Kingdom and USA which further sharpened her skills for better effectiveness in her chosen career. She  has also clocked- in,  hundreds of hours partnering, volunteering and working side by side with educators in UK, USA, Canada  and Nigeria who are all equally committed to quality education, working together to use best practices in early  child care and education. Her life philosophy is; “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men…” She is happily married with children, and enjoys spending quality time with her family. She loves adventure, travelling and working with children….

Ezeokoye, Ehianata

Head, Primary

Ezeokoye Ehianata holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from the University of Benin, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the Lagos State University, Lagos. She is a seasoned teacher whose passion and love for the teaching profession motivated her to attend several professional development training to enhance her capacity as a teacher. She loves to teach using as much visual aids that children can interact with and hands-on activities that will also enhance children’s experience and participation. She is not only passionate about providing children with a solid foundation, but always with a vision of themselves as future leaders. She has about two decades of teaching experience and has served in several international schools. She has been able to apply the knowledge gained over the years to build up children and mentor teachers. She enjoys reading and dancing, and is also happily married with three children.

Okoi, Itam Omini

Head, Pre-school

Okoi, Itam Omini is the Head of the Nursery Section. She is a Nigerian. She holds a B.Ed (English Language) and has many years of teaching and administration experience spanning the nursery, primary and secondary levels of education. She has a record of effective team leadership and creating landmarks. Her passion is nurturing and moulding young minds towards attaining a fulfilment of their lives’ aims and purposes. She also is a life coach and motivator to adults. Her strength lies in the fact that she is result-oriented and a go getter, has great interpersonal skills; is resilient, creative and innovative as she loves to modify traditional assumptions and create new, imaginative approaches to improve existing methods; she has great analytical skill and spots challenges and problems as breakthrough opportunities. She also has excellent communication and public presentation skills – Fluent in English, Yoruba and Yakurr languages. In addition, she has attended many education, leadership and management courses both locally and internationally in a quest for new horizons in education. Her personal interests are reading, personal and people development, praying, travelling and meeting people.

Olomodosi Adeniyi Samuel

Deputy Head, Primary

Mr OLOMODOSI, Adeniyi Samuel was born on March 26, 1966. He is the first child of a family of six from Ekiti State, Nigeria. A graduate of Chemistry Education from University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos Stagte, Nigeria. He has worked in the educational sector close to two decades and has undertaken several trainings,seminars and workshops within the educational sector. These have enabled him to develop not only specific teaching experiences but also a valuable and   transferable skills-set in this fast-paced sector. Adeniyi is loyal, talented, passionate and caring. He loves making a difference in the lives of young children. He is also open – minded, patient and supportive towards other people. He has an excellent ability to work under pressure and remain good. Travelling is one of his hobbies. He is also a great fan of Chelsea Football Club of England.

Queen Chukmiobi

Head, HR.

Chukwuobi, Queen Chizoma is an experienced and committed educator, resilient with good administrative skills, and is very passionate about whatever she sets her mind to do. She holds a B.Ed Degree of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Master of Managerial Psychology from the University of Lagos, Akoka. She also holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management and is an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Personal Management of Nigeria (CIPMN). She has attended several professional development trainings and courses in education and management to further widen her horizon. She has over ten years work experience in the education sector both as a teacher and as an administrative staff. She takes delight in learning new things and embraces positive change with enthusiasm. To her, challenges are what make life interesting because they are inevitable, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. She is self- motivated, diligent and a good team player who believes in fairness and mutual respect for all. She enjoys reading, watching documentaries and listening to gospel songs at her leisure