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Admissions Open – “Hurry”

Admission into pre-school and primary classes is strictly by merit. Both children and their parents will undergo interviews to consider the ability/age of the child and also the willingness of the parents to collaborate with the school before final admission is granted.

The Registration Procedure

(a) Purchase of form from the Front Office (b) Submission of completed application form with:

· A copy of the child’s birth certificate

· A copy of the child’s immunization certificate

· A copy of last academic result (where applicable)

· 8 recent passport photographs of the child and a recent passport photograph of the child collect/receiver

Placement Assessment /Absorption

Following your application, the child will go through a placement assessment depending on the child’s level:

  • Infants (3months– 18months) – state of health and evidence of immunization exercise.
  • Early Years   (18months – 30months) – school readiness, child’s state of health and level of self-expression.
  • Preparatory stage  (3 – 41/2 years) – ability to identify, sort, communicate and socialize.
  • Primary (51/2 – 10+years) – Test in English, Mathematics and Reading appropriate to the class – Pass mark is 70% minimum.

The result of the assessment will be discussed with parents, before the child’s placement in the appropriate class. The school heads will meet with the parents to discuss on their readiness to partner with the school to foster common understanding and cooperation between the school and home.

The School Accountant will give the School Bill for full payment to be made. Acceptance: Parents are expected to signify acceptance of the admission offered by returning the signed acceptance form attached to the provisional admission letter with evidence of full payment of the school fees.

The school organizes a Mandatory Orientation Programme for new parents to ensure they have the right understanding of the school’s purpose, operations and activities.

With this done, the child’s admission into the school is completed with an admission letter given. At this stage, the parents will receive a school welcome pack.

NB: Mid-Stream Admission is subject to vacancy in the intending class and the appropriateness of the application.