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Primary School

Education, globally, over the century has witnessed unprecedented transformation particularly in Nigerian educational system. This has evolved through the combined efforts of the government and the private sector, creating the kind of metamorphosis in our present time.

In view of this, Taadel, as a school with deliberate educational goals, has decided to raise the bar and benchmark her practice with not only scholastic competence but also entrenching functional education. Hence the urgent need for us to provide Taadel Education.

This is a construct with philosophical learning, transcending immediate educational goals/aims, but infusing other areas of core competences. These are as summarised in Taadel Education’s 3S’s of functionality:

1. Self-Functioning: ability to be useful to oneself.
2. School Functioning: accessing learning and taking responsibility for one’s learning.
3. Service Functioning: ability to engage in volunteer services and show empathy.

Our Curriculum:
The Primary Curriculum is a careful blend of the British National Curriculum and the strength of the Nigerian Curriculum. Our teaching and learning methodology in the classroom incorporates the 4Cs of 21st century learning skills (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical thinking).

This ensures that knowledge and skills are built systematically and consistently to support transition from one key stage to another. Outdoor learning is also an integral part of our curriculum; hence pupils embark on field trips to further concretize learning in the classroom. Our final products therefore, are well equipped and ready to conquer the world as leaders.

Our curricular activities are segmented into the various categories:

a. Core Curriculum: Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Social Science, Religious Education, Design and Technology, P.S.H.E, Arts, Music, ICT, French and Yoruba.

b. Co-Curricular Activities: Swimming, Chess and Scrabble, STEAM, Coding and Robotics.

c. Extra-Curricular Activities (electives): Karate, Cub Scout, Football, Instrumental Music and Ballet.

d. Club Activities: Editor's Ink, Literary and Debate, Home Makers and Spelling Bee.

Studying in TAADEL is not all work and no play. Fun is guaranteed, in the true spirit of exploration with discipline!
That is why physical, emotional, creative and intellectual development of children is the hallmark of Taadel Education. We believe in raising holistic children. At TAADEL, pupils are given equal opportunity to register and participate in any activities of their choice (for electives) to discover their innate talent, nurture to fruition and showcase them to the world.


Special Education Needs (SEN): This unit caters for the uniqueness of children with special educational needs. Our programme also supports gifted learners who are further challenged with higher order activities to occupy and bring out the best in them, while children with learning difficulties are specially attended to through early intervention, deploying special aids and supports. These children are also helped to comfortably transit into the general classroom setting 


Our Facilities: Include purpose built premises with air-conditioned & multimedia enhanced classrooms, well equipped library, ICT laboratory, science laboratory, language room, art & music studio, mini conference room, playground with modern facilities, standard swimming pool, well-equipped healing bay, multi-purpose school hall, constant power backed up with alternative sources. 


It was fun today as the Explorers went shopping at Blend Supermarket Ire-Akari, Isolo Lagos, to further concretise learning on money as a means of transaction.